The broad highway / La carretera amplia


Oaxaca Mexico

Someone once said and it’s often repeated, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination”. For me, Mexico has been the journey and Oaxaca the destination I landed on not knowing it contained all the magic in one spot; the good, the frustrating, the beautiful that is old Mexico. A real live burro in the nativity scene, less than a dollar for 20 fresh tortillas, tamales stuffed with chicken mole and wrapped in banana leaves eaten at a food stall with the kindest of strangers, subversive political art produced by the most unassuming kind souls. Having regular spots where I purchased said tortillas and coffee and fruits, a routine I held among 80 year-old Zapotec women with silk ribbons woven into their braided hair. Of all, the mountain range surrounding the city with it’s orange tinge in the morning, blue-green by noon and pink tie dye swath of a reflected sunset by evening was a better view than almost any I’ve seen. Mt. Rainier stands big and proud. The Sierra Madre Range holds you, encircling the valley and all within.



My journey here is ending sooner than expected, and this is why there is no final set destination, so we can continue exploring in the every day as well as the exciting and new.  So I head north, and I’m bringing an amazing experience with me. A wise Mexican artisan said to me “I extend my hand to you across our borders, in solidarity.” I have a few more posts I drafted along the way that I will put up over the coming weeks. I am so thankful you have read and enjoyed what I’ve shared.

The broad highway, inclusive of all our dreams, hopes and wishes. It isn’t narrow or constricting unless we let our fears make it so.


Author: Americana Mexicana

Seattle native. I spent 2016 moving to Mexico and 2017 settling back into Seattle. Where next... Nature keeps me sane, I am in awe on a walk most every day by some flower or weed that survives to show us their beauty, despite it all, yet again.

7 thoughts on “The broad highway / La carretera amplia”

  1. I so want to visit there someday. Your literary illustrations compel me! Where are you heading? North to the PNW? Or more MX?


  2. I hope everything is ok, you mention your journey is ending earlier then expected. I’ve enjoyed your posts so much and will watch for the additional works you mention. Continued safe travels my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mary for your good wishes and I’m so glad you’ve been following along with me! Maybe we can do a Heartstream get together this spring with Anita and Amy, etc.
      Hope all is well over your way and you’re staying warm!


  3. Dear Katharine, thank you for the reports on your adventures. It is a lovely photo of you that you shared this time. Happy New Year. Please do stay in touch. ~ Beri

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Beri! As lovely as Mexico is, I do miss the PNW and all of you and it will be great to settle in.
      Hope you are doing well despite the ongoing political turmoil. Sending you and Paul wishes for warmth and peace.


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