Enough with the bars, already.

My first adventure to Mexico I was a young teen and no sooner had I stepped off the plane, along with my family from Seattle, I was greeted by warm smiles and a blanket of humidity that felt just the way a Mexican sarape looks. Vibrant yet peaceful, heavy in tradition and artistry.  By my family’s second trip two years later I knew on some level (and certainly hoped) I was starting the process of coming and going to this second home of mine. I have since been to 18 or so of the 31 great United States of Mexico for vacations and extended stays to cities on the west coast, Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita, and inland to amazing colonial towns of the central highland region, favorites being Guanajuato and Guadalajara. As I return now in August 2016,  I will go live and work among sweet Mayan faces, ruins all around with supermalls butting up against them, tacos de everything and a kaleidoscope of colors all around.  Join me as I further explore this magical land.

I could not do this adventure without all the love and support from my family and amazing friends. This is dedicated to my brother, Antony. I hear your nudge of “go for it” every day.


Author: Americana Mexicana

Seattle native. I spent 2016 moving to Mexico and 2017 settling back into Seattle. Where next... Nature keeps me sane, I am in awe on a walk most every day by some flower or weed that survives to show us their beauty, despite it all, yet again.

5 thoughts on “Enough with the bars, already.”

  1. Kat, Que Barbara! FElicidades que estas en tu casa segunda de nuevo! Eres una escritor talentosa….Voy a vivir de ti….Te extrano pero me siento feliz que haces algo nuevo y tengas coraje…te mando besos y abrazos enormes y espero tus “blogs”…mwuah!!!

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  2. Dear Katharine, hello! Thanks to Sue, I have signed up to follow your blog. I looking forward to reading your accounts and experiencing la vida mexicana vicariously! I think it is great that you have created this new path for yourself, and I hope it takes you to fulfilling adventures, peace, and pleasure. Sending hugs! ~ Beri

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